Den nationale flood risk platform er kommet til Sverige

30. jun. 2017

In April we announced that SCALGO Live had more than one thousand users in Denmark. Inspired by this demand, we are now working hard to bring the SCALGO Live tools to more countries starting with our neighbours in Sweden. We have licenced the entire Swedish terrain model (2-meter resolution) from the Swedish geodata agency Lantmäteriet. On top of this model we have performed our nationwide flood risk analysis and enabled all of our interactive flood risk tools.

SCALGO Live contains both the Swedish national 2-meter terrain model (left) and national orthophoto (right).

With the launch of SCALGO Live in Sweden it has become a lot easier to work with terrain data and flood risk screening in the early stages of city development projects, in the daily water administration within a municipality or as part of the emergency response team. No matter where in Sweden that you are developing a project, handling flood problems or administrating surface water, you get immediate access to valuable information in SCALGO Live.

Simulation of a 1.9 meter rise in sea-level south of Malmö reveals some areas in risk of flooding (left) . Using the interactive terrain modification tools in SCALGO Live, a dike is inserted into the terrain model. The updated analysis reveals that the properties are now protected by the dike (right).

We are very excited about this launch and happy to welcome Göteborg Stad and SWECO as the two first users of SCALGO Live Sweden. If you are working with flood risk in a Swedish water utility company, municipality or as a consulting engineer, then send us a mail on and we will be happy to come and give you a demonstration of SCALGO Live.

Screenshot showing the simulation of a 20mm rain event in SCALGO Live. Depressions full, or partially full, of water are shown as blue areas. The watersheds of those depression that are not yet full are shown in solid colors and the flowlines within each watershed are also shown in blue. This gives an overview of the flow of surface water following a cloudburst in the area. The user can interactively change the amount of rain to explore how the flow changes.

Scalable Algorithmics (SCALGO) was founded with the mission to bring cutting-edge big terrain data processing technology to market. The SCALGO technology is based on more than two decades of basic and applied research on I/O-efficient and geometric algorithms at Center for Massive Data Algorithmics (MADALGO) at Aarhus University in Denmark and at Duke University in the US, in collaboration with industry LiDAR and environmental GIS application experts. SCALGO provides a range of desktop software, analysis and online large-area detailed terrain data set processing and analysis products.