New SCALGO Live Interface

31. maj 2018

Today we are launching a significant upgrade to the SCALGO Live user experience. We have redesigned the user interface to simplify access to the information you care about, allowing you to focus on your task and limit the time spend searching for a particular dataset.

The new user interface replaces the left sidebar, with a new dock - the contents of which is under your control.

We understand this is a big change to your everyday work with SCALGO Live. To avoid any frustrations during the transition we will make sure to have the classic SCALGO Live user interface available for a while longer. Should you decide to switch back to the classic user interface we will highly appreciate any feedback and ideas to improvement you might have to provide.

Access the old user interface by clicking in the top right corner. You will find a build-in mechanism for providing feedback.

Export map

As part of the release it is now possible to export the current map view as high resolution JPEG and PDF files. Look for the tool in the Actions menu in the top right corner.

The current map view can be exportet through the Export map button in the actions menu found in the top right corner.