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SCALGO delivers Flash Flood Mapping to regional government in Denmark

Dec 11, 2012

SCALGO has delivered Flash Flood Mapping for one of the five regional governments in Denmark covering the region's entire area (approximately 13.000 km2). Flash Flood Mapping is a screening product that shows how much rain has to fall during an extreme rain event before any given cell of a detailed raster terrain model is below water. The Flash Flood Mapping of the region was produced with SCALGOs unique technology for efficient processing of massive terrain data and based on a 2-meter terrain model containing more than 8 billion cells. The delivery to the regional government also included stream networks showing how water flows on the terrain for every 10 millimeter of rain up to 100 millimeter. The mapping is a valuable tool for the region, e.g. when it comes to planning new developments and protecting existing infrastructure against increasingly extreme rain events.

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Screenshot from SCALGO's mapserver illustrating a section of the flash flood map covering part of the city of Aarhus, Denmark. The blue regions indicate parts of the terrain under water after 50mm rain. Map data CC-by-SA OpenStreetMap.

Scalable Algorithmics (SCALGO) was founded with the mission to bring cutting-edge big terrain data processing technology to market. The SCALGO technology is based on more than two decades of basic and applied research on I/O-efficient and geometric algorithms at Center for Massive Data Algorithmics (MADALGO) at Aarhus University in Denmark and at Duke University in the US, in collaboration with industry LiDAR and environmental GIS application experts. SCALGO provides a range of desktop software, analysis and online large-area detailed terrain data set processing and analysis products.