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New versions of SCALGO Hydrology, Model, Topology and Utility released

Jun 11, 2013

SCALGO has released new versions of the SCALGO Model, SCALGO Topology, SCALGO Hydrology and SCALGO Utility software packages. The software packages have successfully been used to process terrain data sets with more than 50 billion data elements on a normal desktop computer.

The packages now come with the newly released SCALGO Pipeline Log Viewer which lets the user explore the full computational history of data sets in a user-friendly graphical interface. Furthermore, all packages have been updated with the newest version of significant dependencies (such as GDAL) and have been tweaked for full support of Windows 8.

The updates to the SCALGO Model package include a new Point Density module that computes the number of input points in each cell of a specified raster, useful for computing a rough estimate of the coverage of a LiDAR survey. Furthermore, the Raster Construction module can now use nearest neighbor interpolation instead of TIN interpolation and can also be used to output simple rasters where each cell contains the minimum, maximum or average elevation of the LiDAR points falling within that cell.

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Screenshot of the Pipeline Log Viewer. A tooltip shows that the flow directions file was used as the "Directions (Input)" parameter to the Watersheds module, both part of the SCALGO Hydrology package.

Scalable Algorithmics (SCALGO) was founded with the mission to bring cutting-edge big terrain data processing technology to market. The SCALGO technology is based on more than two decades of basic and applied research on I/O-efficient and geometric algorithms at Center for Massive Data Algorithmics (MADALGO) at Aarhus University in Denmark and at Duke University in the US, in collaboration with industry LiDAR and environmental GIS application experts. SCALGO provides a range of desktop software, analysis and online large-area detailed terrain data set processing and analysis products.