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New SCALGO Live Interface

May 31, 2018

Today we launch a significant upgrade to the SCALGO Live user experience. We have redesigned the user interface, so that you can easier access the information you care about. This allows you to focus on your task instead of spending time searching for a particular data set.

The left sidebar of the classic SCALGO Live interface is replaced with a new dock that only displays the content you have picked out.

The new user interface replaces the left sidebar with a dock - that enables you to control which content you want displayed. This means that you can personalize your dock by adding or removing workspaces, data and analyses stored in the library. We have initialized the dock with our most popular analyses and data sets, but we encourage you to browse the library to find additional data. The content of the dock is persistent, so you do not have to worry about configuring your favorite setup across logins.

The library is accessed by clicking the Add-button in the bottom left corner. Your workspaces will be grouped in the top of the library.

We understand this is a big change to your everyday work with SCALGO Live. Therefore, the classic SCALGO Live user interface will be available for a while longer to avoid any frustrations or complications during the transition. Should you decide to switch back to the classic user interface, we highly appreciate any feedback from you. You will be able to find a build-in mechanism that enables you to easily provide any thoughts and ideas for improving the new SCALGO Live experience, but as always, you are also welcome to send us an e-mail.

Access the old user interface by clicking on Classic UI in the top right corner. Here, you will also find the build-in mechanism for providing feedback.

Export map

As part of the release, it is now possible to export the current map view as high resolution JPEG and PDF files. Look for the tool in the Actions menu in the top right corner.

The current map view can be exported through the Export map button in the actions menu found in the top right corner.