New hydrological corrections for entire Finland

16. aug. 2021

by Helena Åström,

Now you can access hydrological corrections for entire Finland through SCALGO Live. Hydrological corrections are culverts and rivers or stream that are lead through pipes.

To develop these hydrological corrections, we have identified intersections between water courses and other structures such as, roads and railroads. Each correction follows a line in the river network from Maastotietokanta, with end points adjusted to match the elevation model as well as possible.

In total, we have identified XX million hydrological corrections in Finland. With this new data set flow paths, watersheds and flooded areas are updated in SCALGO Live. See below for a few examples!

Flow paths

Our new corrections ensure that flow paths cross roads and other structures where they intersect with streams and rivers.

Flooded areas

Hydraulic corrections ensure that flooded areas caused by water being detained behind roads or similar become less dominating in the flood map. Tip! Use the profile tool to have a closer look on how the culverts are placed in the terrain.


Instantly accessible nationwide hydraulic corrections make it easier than ever to map catchments and sub-catchments.

Want to know more about our hydrological corrections or test the interactive surface water analyses in SCALGO Live? Contact us at