8 maj 2024 Wielka Brytania Analizy i narzędzia Nowości Współpraca

NatureInsight - mapping and modelling nature-based solutions

Are you looking for innovative ways to map and model the benefits of nature-based solutions?

Arup and SCALGO have combined many years of experience in planning nature-based solutions with state-of-the-art data analysis to build a new opportunity mapping and hydrological modelling package, called NatureInsight.

At this webinar, Alex Nicholson from Arup joins us to tell you all about the creation of NatureInsight. The goal with NatureInsight is to empower practitioners seeking to deliver nature-based solutions with the tools they need to evaluate the potential of various solutions and attract funding.

We'll walk you through the analyses behind the new tool and share examples of how to get started with finding the best solutions for your catchment. 

Peder Bøcher, SCALGO, will demonstrate how NatureInsight models the hydrological impact of nature-based solutions in a catchment. 

Jungwoo, SCALGO, will talk about the development of the new hydrograph.





Peder Klith Bøcher,
Head of Market, UK
Alex Nicholson,
Arup, NatureInsight Lead
Jungwoo Yang,
Software Developer