The surface of the Earth in high resolution

The surface of the Earth is being mapped in high resolution using sensors and satellites. This has the potential to transform everything from how we plan our cities to how we protect the environment and chart the oceans. We are creating the digital tools and custom analyses to realize this potential.

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Flood risk screening of streams and flow paths in SCALGO Live
Mar 27, 2019

You can now work with streams and flow paths natively in SCALGO Live. Read the full release for details.

Nationwide contour maps for Sweden now available in SCALGO Live
Sep 24, 2018

We are proud to announce the immediate release of a nationwide Swedish contour map, based on the full high-resolution national elevation model

Launch of SCALGO Live Norway
Aug 24, 2018

Now, SCALGO Live is also available in Norway! We have finally finished analyzing almost 350 billion elevation points from Kartverket - Norwegian Mapping Authority. Contact us to get a demo of SCALGO Live Norway.

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