Bring your flood
simulations to life

Your simulation results come to life through powerful visualisations, interactive exploration, and easy sharing.

I use Modelspaces to compare before and after hydrodynamic simulations. This helps evaluate if the planned solutions work as expected.

Thomas Rozario
Climate adaptation planner, Denmark

Maximum flood extents can look too extreme, so we use Modelspaces to better explain the dynamics of flooding.

Johan Suhr
Stormwater planner, Sweden

See how it works

Water depth

Where is the water depth critical?

Analyse water depths for every time step to describe how floods accumulate.


How is water flowing?

Explore the dynamic movement of surface water and analyse critical flow paths in detail.


How fast is surface water?

Analyze flow velocities together with depths and flow to identify issues and discuss suitable mitigation measures.

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Three things to love

Store all your simulations

Upload water depth, velocity and flux for every time step - we manage the massive amount of data, so you can focus on analyzing the results.

Better understand the simulation results

Explore the simulation result together with interactive planning tools to understand how surface water and terrain interact.

Share and communicate your work

Easily share your simulations with colleagues and clients. Use powerful visualizations to explain problems and solutions.

Detailed data

Access all the data you need for surface water planning in one place