By harnessing the power of global geographical digitisation and using the latest advances in big data processing technology, we build innovative digital tools that enable our users to create better, more liveable and sustainable environments where there is space for water.

Global geographic digitisation

A revolution in sensor and mapping technology has enabled governments around the world to create and maintain nationwide 3-dimensional maps in high resolution. As a result, the entire surface of the Earth is now being mapped in detail. We are collecting this data and building a platform to unlock its potential.

We cover nine European countries with data in 1-meter resolution or higher. In total, this represents more than three trillion data points describing Earth's surface. And there is much more to come, we are currently working to scale the platform for continent-wide 3-dimensional data in high resolution. 

Large scale geographical digitisation will transform everything from how we plan our cities, develop our infrastructure, and protect our natural environment. We are building the digital tools that support this transformation.

Morten Revsbæk,
Chief executive officer and Co-founder

World leading algorithm experts

Our technology is based on decades of basic and applied research in algorithms for processing big geographic data at leading universities in both Europe and the USA. 

Our technology team consists of world leading algorithm experts that use their skills to turn high resolution geographic data into easy-to-use tools for engineers, urban planners, architects and government administrators.

Our history

We were founded in Aarhus, Denmark, in 2010 by late Lars Arge (Professor at Aarhus University), Pankaj K. Agarwal (Professor at Duke University), Thomas Mølhave (CTO at SCALGO) and Morten Revsbæk (CEO at SCALGO) with a mission to bring cutting-edge massive terrain data-processing technology to the market.

After years of maturing the technology, we launched the platform SCALGO Live in 2016 in Denmark. Since then, we have launched in eight other European countries. There are currently more than 20.000 SCALGO Live users.

Today we have offices in Aarhus (headquarter), Copenhagen and Seoul.