We want to use Canvas for creating strategic flood mitigation plans for the municipality and for sharing these plans across departments and teams.

Hans Holtbakk Thoresen
Head of department, Norway

Canvas lets us create easily understandable drawings to document our findings and we can even work together with our clients in the same Canvas.

Bo Klinkvort Kempel
Technical director, hydraulic modelling, Denmark

See what you can do in Canvas

Add existing data and analyses

What are the initial conditions?

Create an overview of your area of interest by simply adding the relevant data and analyses to your Canvas.

Draw lines, polygons and points

How do we plan for surface water?

Use drawing tools to easily explain your ideas on top of existing maps. Sketch initial plans or create detailed schemes.

Upload your own vectors

Need to combine data from many sources?

Drag and drop your own data or designs and create comprehensive maps that combine many different data sources.

Place notes on the map

Want to explain in words?

Place notes on the map to explain your ideas, collect feedback from stakeholders, make reminders and more.

Learn more about Canvas:

Four things to love

Easy and playful

The easiest way to start creating your own maps and plans. No need for advanced GIS skills - simply start drawing and combining data.

Interactive meetings

Work together with your team, clients or stakeholders to conceptualise plans and projects. Use Canvas to store meeting summaries.

Suitable for any type of planning

Local plans, masterplans or something completely different. Use Canvas every time you want to draft or document on a map. 

Share across teams and organisations

An excellent way to share plans and projects. Don't waste time on extensive reports. Instead, document results on a map and share with the team. 


Test your surface water solutions with easy editing tools