SCALGO Live was important in the pre-study to get a grip of terrain and where to place a path for a new stream.

Torbjørn Friborg
Technical Lead, Norway

“From the initial analyses in SCALGO Live, we could see that it would be very expensive to force surface water from the entire development site to flow south.”

Christian Bjoljahn
Teamleader, Denmark

See what the analyses can do

Flash flood map

What happens during heavy rain?

The flash flood map helps discover how water accumulates and moves during heavy rain. Query volumes, water depths and more. 

Depression-free flow

How does water move on the surface?

An excellent way to analyze larger flow patterns. Look up maximum watersheds and learn about catchment characteristics.

Depression map

Where are the natural depressions?

Analyse depressions to identify natural locations for ponds and basins. Get volumes and areas with just a click.

Sea level rise

What happens if sea level rises?

Look into consequences from rising sea levels and storm surges. Analyse water depths and identify critical low points.

Four things to love

Easy-to-use analyses are for everyone

You don’t need to be a specialist in GIS or flood modelling. The analyses work with sliders so everyone can use them.

The perfect place to begin

Whatever the goal, interactive surface water analyses are a great place to start your project.

Create mutual understanding

Surface water issues affect several departments and disciplines - create mutual understanding through shared analyses.

Make decisions based on analysis

Ready-made analyses support you in everything from large-scale city planning to dialogue with individual citizens.


Have a look at powerful visualizations that bring hydrodynamic simulations to life