Urban development

Let’s develop
lovely neighbourhoods

Design beautiful, blue surroundings with interactive surface water analyses to help your landscapes come to life.

We used SCALGO Live because we could update the model very fast and constantly be up to speed on how the site developed.

Christiane Koefoed Rasmussen
Project Engineer, Denmark

SCALGO Live gave us the possibility to try out different project ideas and validate design concepts early in the project, which made us less dependent on engineering consultants along the way.

Thomas Nybo Rasmussen
Partner, Denmark

I use SCALGO Live because it is easy and fast, and I constantly have a good overview of the project and the design.

Line Phillipsen
Engineer, Denmark

Greenfield development

See how Vandkunsten Architects design nature-based stormwater solutions.

“SCALGO Live has changed the way I work with design because I can work with surface water from the initial design phases and all the way until the end.”

Let’s work with your
urban development project

Explore interactions between landscapes and surface water

Do you wonder how water moves through your project site?

Identify important catchments and major flow paths that transport water through the development site. Find out where it makes sense to place roads, buildings, and ponds.

Experiment with various design ideas

Do you want to get the most out of surface water?

Embrace an interactive design process where you easily test your assumptions and evaluate your ideas to make surface water a pleasant part of the landscape.

Create blue-green urban landscapes

Are you hoping to create viable neighbourhoods?

Develop urban areas where water is retained, re-used and absorbed, and where flood concerns are minimised. With SCALGO Live you can design terrains that combine social and environmental elements.