Experiment with any terrain-based idea

With detailed terrain editing you are only a few clicks away from testing your surface water solutions.

By easily editing land use and infiltration we can be more accurate on our model and computation delivering projects in Sandwell MBC.

Andrew Brett
Principal Flood Risk Officer, UK

We worked with simple terrain editing tools to place the stream and pond. And then we could download the plan to continue in CAD.

Torbjørn Friborg
Technical Lead, Norway

The terrain editing tools are easy and I have full control of basin side slopes etc. and I can easily make changes to the design as we move along.

Line Phillipsen
Engineer, Denmark

Start testing your solutions

Simple terrain editing

Where should I place ponds or streams?

Sketch different options and ideas to find suitable surface water solutions.

Contour line editing

How should I design the landscape?

Use contour line editing to create your detailed blue-green landscapes.

Land cover editing

How does land cover affect surface water?

Change land cover in your project area to evaluate the effects on infiltration and runoff.

Import own data

Does my design manage surface water?

Import your CAD drawings and validate the design using interactive analyses.

Four things to love

Interactive brainstorming

Quickly sketch ideas to narrow down which surface water measures make most sense.

Validate your plans in minutes

Re-compute surface water analyses and ensure realistic surface water plans that exploit the natural shape of terrain.

From fast screening to detailed design

Make fast iterations in the early planning and continue the project with detailed terrain editing.

Move soil wisely and save money

Always be up to date with cut and fill estimations to help save time and money.


Bring hydrodynamic flood simulations to life with powerful visualisations