Privacy Policy

Personal data that is processed when you create a SCALGO Live account:

When you create a SCALGO Live account, we ask you to provide your email address, your job title and your name. If you create your SCALGO Live account through a single sign-on system this information is provided by that system which is controlled by your identity provider (your employer or educational organization in most cases).

Purposes and legal grounds
  1. SCALGO processes your email address because you use it, along with your password, to sign into your account. The legal ground for processing your email address for this purpose is SCALGO’s legitimate interest in protecting the security of your account.
  2. Additionally SCALGO processes your email address for the purpose of notifying you of important information about SCALGO products, such as material changes to this policy or safety information, notifying you when a user shares a workspace with your, or notifying you when you need to reset your password. The legal ground for processing your email address for this purpose is based on SCALGO’s legitimate interest in informing about these matters.
  3. If you opt-in SCALGO will process your information to send you marketing and training information, such as notifying you of new significant features as well as sending information about future training events. The legal ground for processing your email address for this purpose is your consent.
  4. The provided name and job title is associated with your account profile. The legal ground for processing your email address, name and job title for these purposes is SCALGO’s legitimate interest in providing you an opportunity to engage with other SCALGO Live users and for providing accurate and relevant support when needed.
Retention of personal data
  1. You can delete your SCALGO Live account at any time. Since SCALGO live billing depends on organization-wide billing, SCALGO maintains a log of your use of the service. SCALGO has a contractual responsibility to your organization to keep this data for a period after deletion to allow organization administrators to manage inter-organizational usage monitoring.

Categories of Recipients of Personal Data:

Other SCALGO Live Users

Other SCALGO Live users can see your information if they share a workspace with you by identifying you by your email address, name or title. Users within the same organization as you can also see your information.

Organization Administrators

The administrator(s) for your organization can get aggregate information about your use of the platform for billing purposes.

Service Providers

SCALGO uses services from third parties such as Hetzner, Google, Sentry and MailChimp to distribute emails and run the SCALGO Live Platform. To help us understand the level of user engagement in our email communication these services check if emails were opened and what links were clicked. SCALGO has entered into agreements with data processing amendments with these external parties.

Transfers of Personal Data

SCALGO Live is operated by SCALGO ApS (CVR: 32566359) in close collaboration with parent company SCALGO Development ApS (CVR: 32566324), both of which are incorporated in Denmark and have access to personal data of SCALGO Live users. SCALGO does not share personal data with other third parties other than the service providers needed to operate the service.

Your Rights

If you reside in the European Union, you have the right under the General Data Protection Regulation to request access to your personal data stored in SCALGO Live. You also have the right to have this data corrected and/or deleted. You can update your data from the SCALGO Live account management system or you can contact SCALGO Live support at

Code of Conduct

We adhere to the GÉANT Code of Conduct for Service Providers.