Core+ DynamicFlood TUFLOW

The easiest way to run dynamic simulations

The powerful TUFLOW engine is combined with interactive data visualisation in SCALGO Live to make 2D hydrodynamic flood simulations accessible for everyone.

Availability: Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden

The combination of TUFLOW’s engine, with SCALGO’s ability to integrate smart, user friendly and time efficient hydrodynamic model adjustments, provide a perfect product for performing a large number of 2D model simulations in-house.

Jonas Althage
Strategist, Sweden

See how it works

One click is all you need

Simulate flood dynamics

With a fully integrated hydrodynamic model setup, you can easily start simulating flood dynamics and flows in your project area with just one click. 

Adjust parameters for local conditions

Simple model modification

Adjust Manning and runoff values to better describe your project area. Create various scenarios by shaping terrain and updating land cover. Re-run the simulation for updated results. 

Store and share your model

Bring your flood simulations to life

Your simulation results are stored in Modelspaces providing you with powerful visualisations, interactive exploration, and easy sharing.

Three things to love

From initial assessments to detailed analyses

Without changing platforms, you can now make your initial catchment mapping and continue with dynamic flood simulations - it's all in one!

Simulations for everyone

We have set initial parameters and prepared the model everywhere in the country. No need to be an experienced flood modeller to get started with dynamic simulations. 

Quickly evaluate your solutions

Use all the interactive tools in Modelspaces to evaluate your results, identify challenges and find the right solutions. 

DynamicFlood is available at an affordable fixed price.
Contact us to hear more about licensing.