Jun 24, 2021 Global

Introducing a set of fast and intuitive tools to work with infiltration and land use

  • New releases

We are happy to announce a major new update that will allow you to go even further when working with surface water assessments in SCALGO Live.

You can now assess the impact of infiltration and initial loss on surface water flow, flood inundation and watersheds. Simply define the runoff coefficient and initial loss for any land use and update the flash flood analysis instantly. Is your project causing changes to land use? Well then you simply go and edit the land use as easily as you change the terrain.

Here’s a few examples on how the new tools in SCALGO Live will make surface water planning faster than ever before.

See the impact of infiltration on flooding

Go beyond the glass surface model and describe the effects of infiltration and sewage networks on surface water flooding. Set runoff coefficients and initial losses for different land use types in a workspace to get a more realistic picture of how much surface water you should manage in your project area.

Change land use with new simple tools

SCALGO Live now includes tools for editing land use. Use these to update nationwide land use maps or to describe how your project plan impacts land use. Quickly visualise changes and estimate effects of infiltration and drainage systems on surface water. You can even import your own land use maps and use them in SCALGO Live.

Create your own land use types and runoff functions

The Flash Flood Map in workspaces has been extended so that a runoff coefficient and an initial loss can be associated with each land use type. The effects of infiltration can then be seen by toggling infiltration on and off on the Flash Flood Map. You can create you own land use groups and types to make detailed plans for your project area.

Assess impacts of land use changes on surface water

Instantly evaluate how your project plan changes catchment characteristics and runoff volumes in your project area. SCALGO Live is now the tool you need when you want to see the combined effects of land use and terrain changes on surface water.

Do you have questions or want to know more? 

Don't hesitate to contact us at info@scalgo.com.

Sara Lerer,
Head of Hydrology