Feb 5, 2021 Global

Shaping beautiful terrains and analysing surface water

  • New releases

A year back we asked ourselves: "what is the simplest and most intuitive way to shape the terrain and test how landscaping ideas influence the flow of surface water?". Since then, we have worked hard and now we have released a brand-new set of terrain editing tools.

The new tools allow you to work with elevation data and contour lines in entirely new ways. You can combine landscaping with surface water analysis already at the very beginning of a project. In this post we give you a few examples of what you can do with the new contour tools. Hopefully you will feel inspired to go and work with your own projects - it is all available right at your fingertips in SCALGO Live.

Build realistic basins

Carve out new basins in the terrain by shaping contour lines to accurately model the designs you envision and create realistic looking basins. Then use the surface water analysis to evaluate the effect of your basins.

Create new landscapes with space for water

Start shaping the existing terrain and create attractive new urban landscapes where water plays an integrated part in creating better and safer living environments.

Evaluate volumes and assess soil balance

Make detailed evaluations of your designed terrains to ensure both hydrological and economic feasibility. Once you are done the resulting terrain can easily be downloaded and you can continue work in other tools.

Hampus Åkerblom,
Market Manager, Sweden