Jan 5, 2023 Global

Modelspaces is now available to all municipalities

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Great news for municipalities! Starting on 1st of January 2023, we have made Modelspaces available to all municipalities as an inherent part of the standard SCALGO Live subscription. This means that you can get much more out of hydrodynamic flood simulations made by your consultant or water utility.

Watch the webinar to learn more

On February 6th we are joined by Thomas Rozario, planner at Water Utility HOFOR (Denmark), and Alun Roberts, Technical Director at Waterco (UK). Sign up for inspiration on how Modelspaces can become the virtual home for your hydrodynamic simulations.

Watch the webinar here.

Gain better insights into flood problems

Modelspaces truly elevate you simulation results. Instead of looking at static maps or short video clips you can explore flood simulations with interactive tools and visualisations – it’s just as easy as any other analysis in SCALGO Live.

Check this website for an introduction to Modelspaces.

Helena Åström,
Head of Communication