Dec 3, 2020 Denmark

SCALGO sponsors Engineers Without Borders

  • Collaboration

Volunteers from Engineers Without Borders Denmark (EWB-DK) work to help distressed and vulnerable people meet basic infrastructure needs and improve their communities’ quality of life in some of the world’s most demanding places. In Sierra Leone, for instance, EWB-DK volunteers have established drainage canals in Freetown to mitigate destructive flash floods created by cloudbursts and heavy precipitation.

We are proud to sponsor Engineers Without Borders with free access to SCALGO Live, which Engineers Without Borders, in cooperation with their local partners, use to analyze flood risks and design solutions that save lives and property and help EWB build a better world.

Marianne Skov who is EWB-DK project manager for Climate Resilience in Suburban Freetown, Sierra Leone says: “Having access to such analysis tool is an extremely valuable resource. The fact that SCALGO Live is so simple to use and to access means that volunteers can easily and quickly work together from anywhere in the world to understand and proactively address flooding and urban planning issues.”

Helena Åström,
Head of Communication