Nov 27, 2023 Global, Poland

Student talks: “SCALGO Live is easy to use, good looking, and very helpful”

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Did you know that we have over 5000 active student users across 60 universities in Europe? We decided to send out our own student assistant, Elizaveta Kudinova, to chat with some of our student users and hear about their studies and what they plan for their future.

Meet Alicja, an Environmental Engineering student from Faculty of Environmental and Mechanical Engineering at Poznan University of Life Sciences in Poland.

Say hi to Alicja! She has used SCALGO Live in her engineering thesis. 

Initially, Alicja pursued studies in the French language, but redirected her academic focus to environmental engineering due to her interest in and concern for environmental issues such as climate change.

Alicja is especially interested in water management and rainwater management. Her engineering thesis is centered around the “Modernization of Rainwater Management in the Buildings of Juliusz Słowacki Secondary School No. 3 in Leszno”.

She was first introduced to SCALGO Live by her thesis supervisor.

“SCALGO Live is easy to use, good looking and very helpful. I use it a lot for mapping flooded areas and depressions”.

Alicja used the flash flood map to see where flood water would collect in her project area. Here, rain water is collecting at the parking lot next to the school building. 

In her engineering thesis, she’s made analyses about whether the sewer system which is there now is working or not, and if rainwater could be managed with the existing system.

“I found good areas for surface water collection and saw how I could use it to change things, because I wanted to make a linear drainage that will protect the area and build rain gardens at that place", Alicja explains. 

“I also made a project with green roofs , and I used subsurface structures to describe impacts of sewer drains. Through other terrain edits, I analyzed effects of linear drainage in my area and finally, I planned localizations for rain gardens at the end of the analyzed stormwater system", she continues. 

The school before any new measures were created with SCALGO Live.

Alicja used Canvas to document the plan that she had made for the school. 

Alicja also mentions that she likes the new extension, Canvas, in SCALGO Live.

“It is really nice that I can mark things, make a note that this is what I want it to be. It is a very good idea and I think I will use it a lot”.

To Alicja, SCALGO Live was easy to learn.

She watched some english, polish, and french webinars, as well as explored the Getting Started webinars to gain an understanding of the software. Her favorite part of SCALGO Live is Workspaces, because here she could quickly evaluate impacts of terrain changes and ideas on surface water analyses and simply test different solutions.

“I think about an idea and then I can make changes. I re-compute the analysis and it shows me if what I think is right, whether something I propose would work or not. It is really good and I use that a lot".

Currently, Alicja works at EY GDS Poland as an executive assistant using her studies in the French language.

“I think that one day I could use my studies to make something different at EY. Environmental topics are very important for the company as well as for our customers, so maybe one day I will change my position and combine my French language and environmental engineering studies”.

And if her professional life takes her to more environmentally related responsibilities, she will definitely use SCALGO Live, because she really likes the software.

Are you working in a University?

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Elizaveta Kudinova,
Communication and Marketing