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We are often on the road to meet or to educate new users at conferences, workshops and other events. As part of our service we also host webinars on a regular basis. See where and when you can meet us below.

Webinars (free participation)

Natural Flood Management

Do you work with natural flood management? Then, join our webinar and get insight into new possibilities for intuitive flood planning with SCALGO Live. In this webinar we show how SCALGO Live supports natural flood management through interactive analyses such as sub-catchments, flow pathways and terrain profiles. We showcase projects from the UK and the Nordic countries where SCALGO Live has been used extensively in natural flood management.

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Flood planning in urban areas with SCALGO Live

We have invited some of our more experienced users to share their experiences in how to work with flood planning in urban areas. We look at projects both in existing urban areas and at development sites.

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Getting started: Tools and analyses

Are you new to SCALGO Live or need a brush up? Then, join our Getting started webinars. In this first part we introduce all analyses and tools in SCALGO Live and exemplify their use.

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Getting started: Workspaces

Are you new to SCALGO Live or need a brush up? Then, join our getting started webinars. In this second part we introduce how you create workspaces to start developing your own project ideas with SCALGO Lives terrain edit tools.

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