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We are often on the road to meet or to educate new users at conferences, workshops and other events. As part of our service we also host webinars on a regular basis. See where and when you can meet us below.

Webinars (free participation)


Bring your hydrodynamic simulations to life! Join this webinar for inspiration on how you can use Modelspaces to share hydrodynamic modelling simulations with clients and colleagues, and interactively explore simulation results for better insight into flood challenges.

We are joined by two guests:
• Thomas Rozario presents how he uses Modelspaces in HOFOR, Water utility in the Greater Copenhagen area.
• Alun Roberts, Technical director at Waterco, shares his experiences in using Modelspaces in projects in the UK.

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Hur kan högupplösta skyfallsmodeller underlätta bedömning av översvämningsrisker?

(IN SWEDISH) VA-guiden bjuder in SCALGO för att prata om modellering av skyfall och vinster med att bland annat använda högupplöst data och ta hänsyn till markens infiltrationskapacitet. Webbinariet är kostnadsfritt för VA-guidens dagvattenmedlemmar. Innehåll i korthet:

• Viktiga processer att ta i beaktande vid skyfallsmodellering
• Vinster med att använda högupplöst data i skyfallskartor
• Beskrivning och demonstration av nya möjligheter i skyfallskartan

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Nature Restoration

At this webinar we talk about nature restoration, focusing on river meandering and wetlands. We show some examples of how re-establishing natural conditions improve water quality and create better hydraulic conditions to mitigate flooding. Some common measures are the removal of drainage structures like ditches, letting rivers meander, or creating barriers to slow down water.

• Mathias Jepsen, specialist at WSP, talks about planning river meandering in stream valleys as a means to re-create wetlands and how SCALGO Live can be used in such projects.
• Hampus Åkerblom from SCALGO gives a walkthrough on useful tools for nature restoration together with some tips & tricks.

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