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We are often on the road to meet or to educate new users at conferences, workshops and other events. As part of our service we also host webinars on a regular basis. See where and when you can meet us below.

Webinars (free participation)

Flood mitigation with SCALGO Live

Do you work with surface water in the UK? Join this introductory webinar to see how SCALGO Live is used in flood mitigation. Peder Klith Bøcher, Head of Market UK, will show how:

• Pre-computed surface water analyses help discover flood challenges and solutions.
• Easy terrain editing is used for testing and communicating ideas for flood mitigation.

This webinar is especially relevant for those in the UK who are new to SCALGO Live and are looking for an introduction to analyses and tools.

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Designing nature-based solutions in urban areas

Join this webinar to get inspiration on how to get more out of terrain editing in SCALGO Live.

At this webinar our very own market managers will share their tips and tricks on how to design different types of measures. We'll work with basins, streams and more.

The specific outline of this webinar will be announced shortly.

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Uusi Suomen kattava maanpeiteaineisto

Webinar in Finnish. Tule mukaan tutustumaan uuteen Suomen kattavaan maanpeiteaineistoon. Maanpeiteaineisto on tuotettu SCALGOn tekoälymallia hyödyntäen tiiviissä yhteistyössä SYKEn kanssa. Maanpeite julkaistaan avoimena aineistona SYKEn karttapalvelussa toukokuun loppupuolella. Lisäksi aineisto on käytettävissä SCALGO Livessä.

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