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We are often on the road to meet or to educate new users at conferences, workshops and other events. As part of our service we also host webinars on a regular basis. See where and when you can meet us below.

Webinars (free participation)

Nature Restoration

Do you work with Nature restoration or Natural Flood Management and have an interest in learning more about how SCALGO Live can help recreate nature with room for biodiversity and wildlife?

Join the webinar to learn about how easy terrain planning and interactive surface water analyses are used to restore nature and mitigate flooding.

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Surface water in local planning

SCALGO Live is extensively used in local planning and at development sites. Join this webinar if you work with city planning and want to learn more about how to develop initial surface water plans.

We will talk about:
-Surface water challenges in local planning
-Initial screening of surface water flooding
-How to shape elevation and land cover data to create more detailed plans

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Getting started webinar 1: Tools and Analyses

At this webinar we introduce you to data, national analyses and interactive planning tools that make surface water planning faster and easier.

You will learn how to:
- Navigate the SCALGO Live interface
- Use national surface water analyses
- Use planning tools such as the watershed tool and profile tool
- Download data and export maps

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Getting started webinar 2: Workspaces

At this webinar we give you a step-by-step guide on how to create a workspace and how to start editing data.

You will learn how to:
- Create a workspace
- Use terrain editing tools
- Edit land cover and apply runoff functions
- Import terrain data into SCALGO Live

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