SCALGO Live for students

Are you a student or working in an educational institution? Then read this page to see how you can get access to SCALGO Live.

How to log in

You log in to SCALGO Live using Single-Sign-On (SSO), which means that you can log in with your University user name and password. Check the video below to see how.

Educational institutions with access to SCALGO Live

We are happy to setup an SSO access where SCALGO Live is available. Check the list below to see if you already have access.

How to get an SSO access

SCALGO Live is freely available for education and research. 

As an employee at a University you can request access by contacting us at and checking with your IT-department what is needed for setting up a Single-sign-on access. 

As a student you should contact your professor or similar to ask them to get in touch with us.