Data Fees for Swedish Data

As outlined in the SCALGO Live Terms of Service, there is a fee associated with accessing and viewing Swedish data for some users, please see the Terms of Service for details. The pricing for the various data types are shown below.

DataTile price (SEK/tile/year)Native zoom level (m2/tile)
Höjd 1m ( w/ Byggnader + Hydrografi)0,391965536
Byggnader nedladdning0,105665536
Hydrografi Nedladdning0,098065536
Ortofoto Nedladdning0,282716384
Fastighetsindelning Visning0,064165536
Fastighetsindelning, Nedladdning0,904465536
Markreglerande Bestämmelse, Visning0,083365536

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