Aug 22, 2023 Global Workspaces Analyses&Tools Use cases

Shaping terrain

Do you want to re-create an entire lake or are you looking for ways to design Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)?

Meet our Market Managers Hampus, Thomas and Peder who will share some real-life examples and practical tips on how to shape terrain.

  • Peder re-creates SuDS that has already been implemented in Aarhus, Denmark. He shows you how to use the terrain editing tools for detailed design and dynamic visualizations to communicate your design ideas. 
  • Thomas will take you back to the 19th century when Lake Søborg was drained. Now there is a plan to restore the lake and Thomas shows you how it's done in SCALGO Live.
  • Hampus ends the webinar with his collection of tips on how to edit terrain faster and better, for example, how to import your own data into SCALGO Live. 





Peder Klith Bøcher,
Head of Market, UK
Thomas Riis,
Head of Market, Norway
Hampus Åkerblom,
Head of Market, Sweden