Jan 28, 2024 Poland

Student talks: “SCALGO Live is fast, easy, and perfect.”

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Did you know that we have over 5000 active student users across 60 universities in Europe? We decided to send out our own student assistant, Elizaveta Kudinova, to chat with some of our student users and hear about their studies and what they plan for their future.

Meet Michał Wójcik, an Environmental Protection graduate at Warsaw University of Technology, Politechnika Warszawska, in Poland.

Say hi to Michał! He has used SCALGO Live in his engineering thesis.

Michał recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in environmental protection, and now he is planning to take his master’s in environmental engineering because he enjoys working with water and hydrology.

His engineering thesis topic was “The analysis of the facility of small-scale retention solution for the management of rainwater from an urbanized catchment area”.

Michał was introduced to SCALGO Live by our Polish Market Manager, Michał Pancewicz, who held a lecture at Warsaw University of Technology.

“I like hydrology and I liked SCALGO Live after the lecture, this is why I chose SCALGO Live. It is fast, easy and perfect”.

In his engineering thesis, Michał used SCALGO Live to describe an area in his hometown that has occurring stormwater issues that are causing small and large flooding.

The study area in Michał's thesis. Detailed elevation model of the Municipality of Rawa Mazowiecka covering two river watersheds, Rawka and Rylka.

“I used the software to describe the problem and to make solutions to prevent flooding in my city”, Michał explains.

A flooded street in Rawa Mazowiecka in Poland.

Michał used ready-made analyses and watersheds to describe the problems. When he wanted to test solutions, he created scenarios in workspaces. He made some small ponds, green gardens, and infiltration basins to reduce flooding.

“I used SCALGO Live to see whether my solutions work”, he says.

The street in Rawa Mazowiecka before any solutions were applied with SCALGO Live.

The street in Rawa Mazowiecka after solutions were implemented. Michał placed open basins, and subsurface tanks to reduce flooding on the street.

Michał used SCALGO Live for half a year during his thesis work. Most of the tools he learned during the lecture, but he also watched our Getting Started videos to find out things that he was unsure about, for example, how to use the watershed tool.

“I like that I can access SCALGO Live from different computers. I don’t have to carry around my PC, I can just use any available computer in the office or at my family’s place.”

Currently, Michał works at Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable as a quality inspector for cables. He would like to change his position in the company to something that is more related to the studies that he just finished. In the future, Michał wants to work with water, he is open to learning new things, and see what he would like to do the most. He is considering different options such as being a programmer and modeler who makes the analyses, or becoming a construction engineer that specializes in hydrological and surface water projects.

“This is something that would make me happy and proud of myself”, Michał thinks.

Michał concludes that if his career will focus on hydrology, he will definitely need SCALGO Live and he would love to use it.

Are you studying or working at a university?

The SCALGO Live educational license is freely available for research and study purposes. Contact us at info@scalgo.com for more information.

Elizaveta Kudinova,
Communication and Marketing