Aug 23, 2023 Global

TUFLOW and SCALGO announces partnership to create a complete platform for flood analysis

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TUFLOW and SCALGO have entered a partnership to combine TUFLOW hydrodynamic flood simulations with SCALGO Live.

This collaboration will bring together two companies with a similar passion for creating the best possible decision-support for flood mitigation, climate change adaptation and surface water planning.

SCALGO Live, used by over 20.000 engineers, planners, and architects, is a fast-growing state-of-the-art platform for exploring interactions between surface water and terrain, and quickly testing various terrain-based solutions to mitigate floods, restore nature and create blue-green cities.

TUFLOW is a world leader, with 30 years of experience, in developing advanced 1D/2D/3D simulation software for flooding, urban drainage and more. Their hydraulic modelling software excels in accuracy, speed, and workflow efficiency.

“Our goal is to bring the benefits of hydraulic modelling to a much wider group of practitioners within flood management by making it easier, faster and less expensive to run simulations”

Morten Revsbæk, CEO at SCALGO

Bringing detailed modelling to a wider publicum

The two software tools are already used as complementary approaches by many users. SCALGO Live offers a strong starting point for any project, and for more detailed analyses, specialists move to TUFLOW modelling. As part of the new partnership, the two companies will make a seamless integration between the two tools.

Figure 1. SCALGO Live flow paths and Flash Flood map above and TUFLOW hydraulic simulation below.

“Our goal is to bring the benefits of hydraulic modelling to a much wider group of practitioners within flood management by making it easier, faster and less expensive to run simulations”, says Morten Revsbæk, CEO at SCALGO. “Within this partnership, we can offer a smooth transition between fast high-level flood assessments and detailed modelling. Planners will be able to explore more solutions to their surface water challenges, at a higher modelling detail-level, and at a significantly lower cost”.

By combining the two approaches, hydraulic modellers and planners will experience an even better workflow, faster analyses and assessments, easy and dynamic visualizations of complex surface water challenges, and a unique setup for experimenting with various solutions.

“We are convinced that this partnership will create a lot of value for those undertaking flood risk management”, says Bill Syme, TUFLOW Software Business Lead. “By joining forces, utilising SCALGO Live’s data centric platform with TUFLOW’s advanced hydrodynamic capabilities, we improve everyday life of modellers and planners. We want to help them do more and better in less time to help push the climate adaptation agenda globally”.

Get started – book a demonstration

The first integrations of TUFLOW models into SCALGO Live were developed in collaboration with the Norwegian municipality Bærum and the engineering company Envidan. The product is currently being completed and will be available as an add-on to SCALGO Live in the fall of 2023. Several municipalities already have concrete plans to adopt these new opportunities within surface water planning.

Reach out to us at if you want to get a demonstration of the new add-on.

Helena Åström,
Head of Communication