It’s exciting to work on a large platform that turns big data and complicated algorithms into a very simple and intuitive UI. I am part of a great team and we always strive to create exceptional tools for the end-users.

Mikkel Holmer Pedersen,
Software engineer

Technology team

SCALGO Live is built by our technology team that consists of leading algorithm experts and highly qualified front-end developers.  

The team designs geometric algorithms, creates intuitive user interfaces, and develops new machine learning techniques. They also manage our large computation cluster and keep SCALGO Live running smoothly

I love helping our users succeed with SCALGO Live and meeting them at conferences, workshops, and online. I’m amazed by the large variation of projects where SCALGO Live can actually make a difference.”

Michał Pancewicz,
Market Manager, Poland

Market team

SCALGO Live is brought to the end-users by our international and highly qualified market team.

The team handles sales, education and communication in local languages in nine different countries. The team also facilitates the dialogue with users to determine the future direction of SCALGO Live. Team members are environmental engineers, biologists, and experts in social media marketing.

Open positions

We have no open positions at the moment.

Unsolicited applications

If you think you could be a good match for our team, feel free to send us your resumé to