May 6, 2024 Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden Analyses&Tools Modelspaces New releases

Dynamic simulations made easy with TUFLOW integration

SCALGO Live goes hydrodynamic!

In this webinar we focus on the new add-on, DynamicFlood, that enables users to run hydrodynamic simulations directly in SCALGO Live with just a few clicks. DynamicFlood uses the TUFLOW engine.

Duncan Kitts from TUFLOW joins to talk about their hydrodynamic model for flood analysis, and our Lead Developer, Mathias Rav, explains how we’ve integrated TUFLOW. We cover all the technical aspects such as creating input data and building the model.





Thomas Riis,
Head of Market, Norway
Mathias Rav,
Lead Software Developer
Duncan Kitts,
TUFLOW, Europe Software Lead