Nature restoration

Let's bring
back nature

Create terrains that enhance natural processes and increase biodiversity in a detailed digital world like no other.

When we plan Phosphorus retention ponds, SCALGO Live is valuable for analysing catchment characteristics and identifying suitable sites.

Dimitry van der Nat
Ecological consultant, Sweden

Before SCALGO Live you would be working in a GIS map and compute soil balance separately in an excel sheet. Now you can do it all in one software, which saves us a lot of time.

Jonas Ribergaard Rasmussen
Project manager, Sweden

Our task was to also enhance biodiversity and recreational value for the area. This puts high demands on how the terrain should be shaped and with SCALGO Live's tools this task was easy."

Phil Williams
Technical Director, UK

River restoration

See how Aarhus Municipality re-creates nature.

“We have changed a regulated part of the stream to a natural stream with meanders and lots of variation. Our goal is to simulate nature.”

Let’s work with your
nature restoration project

Explore natural flow conditions anywhere

Are you interested in how water flows naturally?

Get a quick overview of terrain-based flow paths, watersheds, land use, soil types and more, to evaluate where it makes sense to plant woodlands, place ponds or re-meander streams.

Experiment with nature’s possibilities

Do you want to re-create natural terrains?

Shape terrain and land cover to test ways to increase infiltration, redirect flow and detain water. Instant soil balance and volume estimations help ensure a realistic plan.

Create natural spaces for water

Would you like your ecosystems to flourish?

For decades, we’ve altered waterways and changed landscapes at the expense of nature. Now it’s time to give something back. And with SCALGO Live you are well on your way.