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Seamless access to elevation model for all of Great Britain

May 23, 2021

by Helena Åström,

SCALGO Live has been updated with elevation data for Scotland, so it is now possible to access a seamless elevation model for the entire Great Britain. This makes it easier than ever before to zoom in and start planning flood management locally. You can even work on catchments that span across the border between England and Scotland.

The national elevation model for Great Britain is put together using different sources of LiDAR data. Where detailed LiDAR data is not available, we use the 25 m EU-DEM. We aim to immediately update the elevation data for Great Britain when new LiDAR data becomes available. This means that you can be certain to access the most recent publicly available data in SCALGO Live. And remember, you can always upload your own LiDAR data or a 3D surface model to SCALGO Live.

The figure below gives an overview of data sources used to create the SCALGO Live elevation model for all of Great Britain.

A few facts about the elevation model in Scottland:

  • 26,374 km2 is covered by detailed 1 m LiDAR data, this is 34 % of Scotland
  • The LiDAR data has been collected from 2011 to 2019, and is made publicly available by the Scottish Government
  • Buildings in the elevation model are collected from Ordnance Survey's Open Map Local dataset

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