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SCALGO launches a new interactive surface water planning tool in Germany

Sep 10, 2021

SCALGO Live, the innovative planning tool already being used by 12,000 professionals across Europe who work with infrastructure planning, city planning, nature restoration, and coastal management, now provides highly detailed analysis and tools for all of Germany.

German users will now have access to the latest and most detailed elevation data and ready-made surface water analyses for the entire country,” says Morten Revsbæk, SCALGO’s Chief Executive.

To enable the platform for all of Germany, SCALGO has combined several sources of elevation data from the Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (BKG) and the Vermessungsämter of those Bundesländer that offer their elevation data as open data. The new nationwide elevation model is further enriched with building information (HU-DE) and detailed surface water analyses are improved with data on watercourses (ATKIS Basis-DLM), culverts, and land use (CORINE Land Cover 5ha (CLC5-2018).

We have developed a unique platform that helps planners with challenges ranging from flood mitigation to improving biodiversity and exploring new ways to address a variety of surface water issues. SCALGO Live is based on powerful and advanced algorithms, and it is actively used by over 300 organisations in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, and Poland,” Revsbæk says.

In SCALGO Live, users can quickly identify areas prone to flooding and begin experimenting with solutions – at catchment scale all the way down to designing small local mitigation measures. Because data calculations are immediate and take place entirely in SCALGO Live, and because of effective visualisations, multiple ideas can be discussed, filtered, and shared easily among stakeholders.

In the light of recent flooding in Germany, we believe that SCALGO Live can provide great value to much-needed flood mitigation and emergency response planning.” says Jan Willem van der Vegt, SCALGO’s German Market Director.

SCALGO Live can help users achieve many other things than improving flood mitigation.

Local planning projects, like blue-green infrastructure in cities or river restoration that improves biodiversity and natural processes, have also benefited from using SCALGO Live in other parts of Europe, “ says Jan Willem van der Vegt. “This is particularly true in the early stages of projects - where creativity based on data and the ability to quickly narrow down achievable solutions can really get a boost from SCALGO Live”.

Join our next webinar 5 Oct at 13:00 for an introduction to SCALGO Live in Germany. Sign up here.

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