The virtual home for your hydrodynamic flood simulations. Here your simulation results come to life through advanced visualisation, interactive exploration and easy sharing with colleagues, clients and consultants.

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Advanced visualisation of all time-steps and outputs

Hydrodynamic models compute both water depth, velocity and flux for every single time-step, but these are rarely used. With Modelspaces you can store all this information in full resolution and explore it using fast and interactive visualisation tools.


Understand simulation results and gain insights into flood problems

The well-known interactive tools of SCALGO Live will help you use simulations to understand flood problems and why they occur. See how terrain slope increases water velocity, how topographic watersheds contribute to flooding and how depressions can be used as natural reservoirs.


Collaborate and share with colleagues and clients

Once you have uploaded your hydrodynamic flood simulation to a Modelspace you can access it anywhere and you can easily share it with clients, consultants and colleagues. Collaborating to solve flood problems has never been easier.


Want to know more?

Would you like an introduction to Modelspaces or need help with getting started? Don't hesitate to contact us at or write directly to one of our Market managers.