Usage License

This license type applies to engineering consultants, architects, contractors, government agencies, and similar.


Annual license
You pay an annual subscription fee starting from the date you sign the license agreement. The fee is always fixed for one year at a time.

Price based on usage
At the end of every year we determine the price for the following year by looking at your usage during the year that just ended. We measure your usage as the number of map tiles, size of workspaces and modelspaces created, and size of data downloaded. For the first year, we offer you a price by estimating your expected usage based on organisation type and size.

Unlimited number of users
Access to SCALGO Live is valuable for a broad range of professions. The same organisation-wide license can be shared between all teams and departments. So, provide all your employees with access, the price does not depend on the number of users.

Support for SSO
You can choose to provide SCALGO Live access to users in your organisation through Single Sign-On (SSO). This allows users to log in to the platform using the same credentials that they use for all other systems in your organisation.

Free support and educational material 
We provide online educational material, webinars and inspiring blog posts to help you get started. If you get stuck, we have excellent email and phone support during normal working hours. We are always fast to answer any queries you may have. In some cases, we also offer an introduction workshop with one of our expert Market Managers, to help your organisation get the most out of SCALGO Live - contact us for more details.

License administration
We open one license per organisation. You appoint one or more license administrators in your organisation. A license administrator is a user that can create new users in the organisation. A license administrator also has access to follow the usage of the organisation and of individual users within the organisation. This information can e.g. be used to determine how the invoice should be split between teams and departments. License administrators also serve as the main contact person(s) for SCALGO in matters related to the license.

The notice period for terminating the license agreement is usually 3 months. SCALGO does not reimburse the license cost for the ongoing license period in case of termination.

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