SCALGO Live Documentation

Using the profile tool

The powerful measure and profile tool can be used to study the elevation of cross sections of the terrain across multiple DEMs. To create a cross section:

  1. Select the profile tool from the layer selection menu.
  2. Click on the map and delineate the path for which you want a cross section. You can insert vertices by single-clicking; double-clicking ends the path. The dialog in the bottom right continuously shows the length of the path, computed as the pairwise geodesic distance between consecutive vertices.
  3. Click the "show profile" button

Newly selected elevation layers will appear automatically as long as the profile window is shown. You can use the scroll-wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out.

The profile tool is used here to query the elevation of two terrain models. One of the models is a terrain-only model whereas the other model has had building footprints added, and the profile clearly shows the difference in elevation.