What's new – Improved export functionality

Mar 13, 2020

We have made improvements to the way you export maps from SCALGO Live to a PDF document or an image, it has never been easier to produce cool and informative maps for your reports and presentations. You now choose exactly what you want in your map by drawing a rectangle directly on the map. Furthermore, the default state of the tool has been simplified to remove advanced options. If you are interested in more control over the size, scale or resolution of the exported map, you can switch to advanced mode where you can e.g. choose to export a print-quality A4 document in landscape mode.

Furthermore we have bundled the tool with the download tool under a new "Export" heading. The previous generic "Actions" menu has been replaced with a "Help" menu, making it easier for you to get help on using SCALGO Live.

Profile and land use/soil type exports

Exports from the profile window, or exports of watershed land use or soil type information from the watershed tool are now available in Microsoft Excel's xlsx format by default, removing the hassle of dealing with CSV files. Should you require a CSV file, you can change the default export type in your account dashboard.

Danish surface model

We have added the Danish Digital Surface Model (DSM) to SCALGO Live and it is available for workspace use as well as download. The DSM includes vegetation and buildings, whereas the regular elevation models available in SCALGO Live (used for hydrological computations), try to capture the bare earth elevation and to this end do not have vegetation and buildings.

A snippet from the DSM in SCALGO Live.

You can find the new layer alongside the other elevation models in the library.