What's new – Nationwide hydrology on the new DHM/2015 model now available

Mar 10, 2016

We have updated the Denmark/2015/Sea sea-level rise analysis, as well as the Denamark/2015/Rain watersheds and flow accumulation on the flooded model to have national coverage*. Previously, these layers were only available for Eastern Danmark. Interactive watershed queries using the watershed tool are also available nationwide.

For important information about hydrological corrections, please see our note.

The watershed (green) and downstream path (red) of a location in the DHM/2015/Rain model.
Comparing a section of a river network as extracted from the DHM/2015/Rain model (purple) and the older DHM/Rain model (blue). In this area, the new model correctly resolves the stream ensuring the water takes a correct path downstream. Both partial river networks are shown here visualized on top of the DHM/2015/Rain model.

We have also added a sea-level rise computation based on the DHM/2015/Sea model.

A 70 cm sea-level rise on the island of Lolland on the DHM/2015/Rain model (purple) and the older DHM/Rain model (blue). The older model does not correctly resolve the narrow dike protecting the coastal area from the sea.

(*) A few minor sections are not yet available due to missing data in the initial versions of the model put out by SDFE.