Country Specific – Iceland

The elevation model used for Iceland in SCALGO Live is ÍslandsDEM 1.0 from Landmælinga Íslands, which has a cell size of 2x2 m and uses the ISN2016 coordinate system.

ISN2016: 2601692,183269
Surface model in Selfoss


As ÍslandsDEM is a surface model, it already contains building footprints.

ISN2016: 2562212,203344
Flow routed around buildings in Reykjavík

Bridges and underpasses

Bridges and underpasses block flow paths in the national elevation model. In order to model water flow correctly, "hydrological corrections" may be necessary. These can e.g. be made through workspaces in SCALGO Live.

Base map and aerial photography

The default map view when you go to SCALGO Live shows an overview map from Mapbox. The street names and place labels are sourced from OpenStreetMap. You also have the option of viewing Aerial photography provided by Mapbox.