What's new – New DHM Model

Aug 17, 2015

We have added the latest (as of early August 2015) version of the new 0.4m Danish elevation model DHM/2015 where (among other things) lakes have been flattened. The model is currently available for Eastern Denmark. More details are available at kortforsyningen. Additionally, we have put up two new models: DHM/2015/Rain and DHM/2015/Sea. They have been derived from the baseline model by adding building footprints, cutting them to the national coastline polygon and by burning the current set of hydrological corrections (DHyM/Tilpasninger) into the model. The result is a model that is much more suitable for hydrological computations through workspaces.

TOP LEFT: View of a lake in the previous version of the DHM/2015 model. Note the triangulation artefacts over the flat surface. TOP RIGHT: In the new DHM/2015 model the surface of the lake has been flattened. BOTTOM LEFT: View of the baseline DHM/2015 model. BOTTOM RIGHT: The new DHM/2015/Rain model has both building footprints and hydrological corrections included.