What's new – New Hydrological Corrections

May 2, 2017

Today SDFE released updated hydrological corrections for the Danish elevation model from 2015, known as Denmark/2015 in SCALGO Live. These corrections, collected in 2016, significantly improve flow routing in many places and affect many of our analysis products (including the flash flood map, flow accumulation, watersheds and sea-level rise). We have updated our analysis products on the 2015 model to use the new corrections.

The bridge over the the Gudenå along the new freeway in Silkeborg is opened by a hydrological correction. The blue line shows the updated flow accumulation analysis.
The bridge was not represented in the old set of corrections, causing a significant detour of the Gudenå.


Your existing workspaces have not been updated, if you wish to update your workspace to use the new elevation model you can export all your workspace edits through your account page and then import those edits into a newly created workspace.