User Interface – External WMS Layers

There is two types of external layers, personal and organisation.

Organisation administrators can on their dashboard see the organisation's external layers. Here it is possible to delete the individual layers from the organization (careful, this is permanent) as well as add new ones.

Personal WMS layers can be added by anybody to their own SCALGO Live account. These layers can be shared with other users, just like workspaces. In the dashboard it is possible to delete a WMS layer for yourself or everyone it has been shared with. Renaming a personal WMS layer only affects your own account.

Adding an external layer

When adding a new WMS layer you must first provide a link directly to the capabilities file of the WMS Server. This could for example be https://services.kortforsyning... , here you can see an XML document if opened in your browser. Adding this link and clicking fetch will open up for more information to fill out if the fetch was successful. Please be aware that this requires the WMS server to allow CORS.

When the fetch is done you will be shown the following screen. All the fields except extra parameters must be filled out or the layer will fail to be added.

If the WMS server has the projection of the theme available that will be chosen, otherwise reprojection will occur. Adding multiple layers at this stage will combine the layers in SCALGO Live (so there will only be one layer to toggle in SCALGO Live), if that is not the wanted behaviour; please add them one at a time.

The Extra Parameters is intended for things that are not part of the WMS Standard or authentication like tokens or username and password. Please be aware that the extra parameters are stored in plaintext on our database.

Pressing Add layer after this will add the layer to SCALGO Live. We do a simple WMS request from the server to confirm that it works before adding it.