What's new – Side slopes on workspace features

Dec 5, 2018

By popular demand it is now possible to create paths and areas with non-vertical side slopes (banks) in your workspace. Use this new feature to make your terrain edits look more realistic and get closer to the final design of your solution. Interesting use-cases for this new feature include:

  • Estimate the surface area required by a new channel or retention basin including the extra width taken up by the banks.
  • Achieve more accurate volume estimates for basins.
  • Bring more realistic and better-looking project proposals and screenings to stake holders and the public.
  • Improve performance in subsequent processing, e.g. in hydro-dynamic modeling.
The user has created a channel and a retention basin to increase the volume of water that can be stored in an area close to a major road. Both the retention basin and the channel have a side slope of 30 degrees.

See the manual for details on how to add side slopes to your features.

Bigger workspaces

We have increased the workspace size limit significantly, by factor of 5 in most cases.

Updated Orthophotos in Denmark

The new Danish orthophotos from spring 2018 are now available for viewing and download in SCALGO Live. Find them in the library.

A tram on the new tramway in Aarhus, Denmark.