What's new – Detailed contour maps and editable buildings in Workspaces

Jun 6, 2024

In Workspaces, you can now get contour maps for terrains you design, and buildings can be removed and modified as editable Objects, see more information in the accompanying blog post.

Contour lines are now generated as part of all Workspace computations. When you create your terrain design, the contours are updated to describe the new terrain accordingly. The contours are available in many different contour intervals, controlled via the contour interval slider that also exists for the national contour maps.

Transforming the way we design terrains. The combination of easy terrain editing tools and detailed contour lines make it easy for everyone to work with detailed terrain design.

Furthermore, we have improved the way buildings are included in Workspaces. Previously, buildings were implicitly included by raising their elevation in the terrain model, making them unmodifiable terrain edits. Now, they are regular edits that can easily be removed or modified. This has been done by introducing a new group of editing tools called Objects. The existing subsurface tools are considered objects, and are now available in this group.

The updated elevation tools dialog. The objects group includes buildings, subsurface paths (e.g. culverts) and subsurface basins.

Please read the blog post for more information about this release.