What's new – New model in Sweden

Dec 19, 2018

Recently, the Swedish mapping authority, Lantmäteriet, released the Laserdata Skog point cloud as open data. We have made this dataset available for our SCALGO Live Sweden users. You can find it in the library through the "Add" button in the bottom left of your screen.

The current dataset covers only a small part of the country. It will be updated regularly by Lantmäteriet and we will also keep it updated in SCALGO Live. It has about 1-2 points per square meter, and is made available as a 1 m raster in SCALGO Live. In comparison, the national Swedish model is a 2 m raster.

A comparison of the national model and the model derived from the Laserdata Skog point cloud.

Naturally, the data is also available for download and for use in workspaces. If you want to use it in a workspace, use the "Existing Model" option in the workspace creation dialog. After selecting your region you can then click the green pencil next to the elevation model to create your workspace.

You can read more about Laserdata Skog in the manual.