What's new – New Sweden high-resolution model

Apr 15, 2021

We released a significant upgrade to the Swedish elevation model in SCALGO Live. The new model is Lantmäteriets 1m-resolution Markhöjdmodell Nedladdning, grid 1+ which is based on Laserdata NH and Laserdata Skog. As part of this update we have also added additional corrections along rivers and longer subsurface pipes to the set of conservative corrections used in the national model. Laserdata Skog is continuously updated and thus also Markhöjdmodell Nedladdning, grid 1+ . We will regularly update the elevation model in SCALGO Live to ensure you also benefit from these updates.

Comparing the new and the previous model for an area south of Kungsbacka. In this location the model reflects both that the elevation is from a more recent date and the updated resolution is also clear from the drainage channels south of the road.

We have switched the base map used for showing orthophotos and as a consequence of this, orthophotos can now be downloaded in the same way as most other layers in SCALGO Live. If you want an orthophoto for your report you might still be better off using our export map tool that will give you a georeferenced PDF that is of reasonable size.

The sea-level rise analysis has also been updated and now includes the ability to use a depth filter. The depth filter allows you to hide flooded areas where the water depth is lower than a threshold. This is now also available in workspaces.