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Organise and communicate on a digital canvas

Oct 26, 2023

Say hello to Canvas, a brand-new extension of SCALGO Live released today.

Use Canvas to organise and communicate your work by drawing shapes and placing comments directly on top of existing maps, analyses, and workspaces. Easily combine data from various sources by uploading your own vectors or extract results from SCALGO Live directly to your Canvas.

Canvas is the easiest way to start creating your plans and projects. Work together with your team, clients or stakeholders to conceptualize ideas and solutions. Store meeting notes directly on top of maps and analyses, and share entire project documentations in Canvas with the team.

Check out the Canvas page for more inspiration on how to use the new tools in your work. We can't wait to see all the cool things that you will do with Canvas.

Watch the Getting started-video for an introduction to Canvas

Join webinar on the 8th of November at 10:00 (CET)

Join the webinar for an introduction to Canvas and a guide on how to use the new tools. See a few illustrative use-cases for inspiration on how to start using Canvas in your work.

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New sidebar to help organize your analyses and queries

Jul 12, 2023

From now on, all sliders, info boxes and computation tasks will appear in the new sidebar. The sidebar can be collapsed to enlarge the map, or expanded to get an overview of sliders and query results.
Test it out:

  1. Turn on one of the analyses in the left menu
  2. Use one on the query tools in the top bar

Check out the video below for a quick introduction to the new sidebar.

You can read more about the sidebar in the documentation.

Sliding contours

Jun 30, 2023

Not so long ago we released beautiful and detailed nationwide contour maps with intervals of 50 cm and 2.5 m. Now we introduce a whole new contour map that allows you to select the contour interval that suits your purpose and scale. This powerful tool will make it easier to adjust the view to your desired level of detail. 

For more information, please see the accompanying blog post.

The contour slider set to show contours at a 2.5m interval.

Ny skyfallsanalys och en ännu bättre marktäckekarta

Jun 1, 2023

Spännande nytt i SCALGO Live! 🤩 Vi har utvecklat en helt ny skyfallskarta som tar hänsyn til infiltration för olika jordarter samt avdrag för ledningsnät. Dessutom har vi lanserat en ny högupplöst marktäckekarta med ännu fler klasser.

Se en kort introduktion

Webinar om den nya releasen

Den 20 juni, kl 14 genomgick Hampus Åkerblom, marknadschef i Sverige, hur den nya skyfallsanalysen och marktäckekartan är utvecklad och hur du kan arbeta med dessa i SCALGO Live.

Se inspelningen här.

Läs mera om denna lansering i bloggen

Blogginlägg om marktäckekartan: Ny marktäckekarta med ännu flera klasser

Blogginlägg om skyfallsanalysen: Skyfallskarta med infiltration och avdrag för ledningsnät

New land cover map for Finland

Apr 26, 2023

We are happy to announce that SCALGO Live in Finland has been updated with a new land cover map covering the entire country. The land cover map is produced using a machine learning model developed by SCALGO, in close collaboration with SYKE (The Finnish Environment Institute).

Figure 1. The new land cover map divides Finland into 10 land cover classes.

The new map is based on a powerful machine learning model that allows us to classify each pixel into the following categories: impervious, shallow vegetation, dense vegetation and bare land. These four land cover classes are supplemented with auxiliary data from DigiRoad and Maastotietokanta, to create a map with 10 unique classes.

The map is fully integrated into SCALGO Live and is, for instance, used to show aggregate land cover information for watershed queries. For more information please read the accompanying blog post.

Depths in the depression map

Apr 16, 2023

Now you can work with depths in the depression map.

Recently, we added a new feature to the Depression map based on requests from users. This latest update is, for example, useful when designing ponds and wetlands with focus on biodiversity.

Using the depth style you can tweak what depths show in what color on the map to quickly screen for deep depressions.

Read the blog to see how to get more out of the depression map in your projects.

New Danish land cover map with more classes

Mar 15, 2023

We have released a major upgrade to our nationwide Danish land cover map. The previous map was based on a machine learning model that could distinguish between pervious and impervious areas, on top of this we added data from GeoDanmark to enrich the map with forest, building and surface water (lakes) classes.

The new map is based on a much more powerful machine learning model that allows us to classify each pixel into the following categories: impervious, shallow vegetation, dense vegetation and bare land. On top of this we have added an expanded set of GeoDanmark classes to mark buildings, agricultural fields, surface water (now also from streams) as well as paved and unpaved roads. The result is a high-resolution national land cover map with 9 classes, as summarised in the below graphic.

A snippet of the new land cover map showing the new classes.

We have also upgraded the Flash Flood Map to use the new classes, and in particular we are excited about the dense vegetation class that replaces the forest polygons, providing a much better mapping of those high-infiltration areas.

For more information please read the accompanying blog post (in Danish).

National Swedish High-Resolution Impervious Surface Mapping

Sep 21, 2022

Today we announce the availability of a nationwide high-resolution mapping of impervious surfaces for SCALGO Live in Sweden. The map, produced by SCALGO, is based on machine learning techniques and has a resolution of 25cm.

It is available as a standalone layer in the Imperviousness category in the library.

A snapshot of the new map from Sweden, along with a watershed query. Pervious areas are green, buildings are red, other impervious areas are orange and water is shown in blue.

The new imperviousness map is fully integrated into the watershed query tool, allowing you to easily get the total area of impervious surfaces in the watershed and is included, and editable, in newly created workspaces.

For more information, please see the complete release announcement.

Watershed tool updated with even better descriptions of catchment characteristics

Jul 7, 2022

The Watershed tool now supports an expanded set of catchment characteristics that enable you to gain an even deeper understanding of your watershed. When you query a point with the Watershed tool you can now choose to see the longest upstream flow path to that point including both the flow path length and the average slope along the flow path.
If the longest flow path is not enough, we give you the Length/area histogram. This histogram describes how the area of the watershed is distributed across flow path lengths. Why is this useful? Because all watersheds are unique and have very different shapes (even if they have the same longest flow path length), and this ultimately affects runoff behaviour.

You can read more about this updated version of the Watershed Tool in our blog.

National Flash Flood Map with Infiltration and Drainage for Denmark

Jun 21, 2022

We have just released a new variant of the Flash Flood Map for our users in Denmark. This variant accounts for infiltration and drainage to sewer systems. This is a big step towards providing more realistic run-off and flood extents in SCALGO Live especially for small rain events.

You can read more about the new variant of the Flash Flood Map in our blog post (in Danish).

Not in Denmark? Do not despair! We are working hard to bring this powerful, yet simple, version of the Flash Flood Map to other countries.