SCALGO Live Documentation

Using Styles

The SCALGO Live renderer supports different styles for several layer types. Styles help you create beautiful and contrast-rich visualizations to better understand your data. To select a style:

  1. Hover your mouse pointer on the name of a layer
  2. Hit the gear icon appearing to the right of the layer title. If this icon does not appear, that layer does not have alternate styles.
  3. Select the Styles tab to see the list of styles supported by that layer.

Some of the different styles supported are:

  • Slope and aspect maps for elevation rasters
  • Red/Yellow/Green risk-based coloring of Flash Flood Maps
  • Various color choices for Vector data sets

See the video for an example of some of the different styles, and for how to switch between them.

Demonstration of different styles, and how to select a style for a particular data set.