SCALGO Live Documentation

SCALGO Live Raster Import

You can create new workspaces based on locally stored raster data by dragging the file(s) to the layer selection panel or by uploading the file(s) through the workspace tool in the top of the layer selection menu.

To embed raster data into an existing workspace select the toolbox icon for the workspace and click "Import existing raster model...".

The import function supports uploading georeferenced terrain data in the following formats:

  • GeoTIFF (.tif)
  • BIL/.hdr Labelled Raster (.bil + .hdr)
  • HFA/Erdas Imagine (.img)
  • Arc/Info ASCII Grid (.asc + .prj)
  • ASCII Gridded XYZ (.xyz)

If not embedded, spatial references are also read from .aux.xml PAM files if provided. Elevation values are always assumed to be in meters.

It is possible to upload multiple rasters (hold down Ctrl in the file-selector dialog to select multiple files) or a ZIP file containing multiple files. When uploading multiple rasters, make sure they are using the same spatial reference and resolution (pixel sizes).