SCALGO Live Documentation

Feature Sets: Creating and using

Feature sets allow you to save and manage larger collections of features, typically managed through workspaces. To create a feature set:

  1. Hover your mouse pointer on the name of an elevation layer
  2. Hit the gear icon that pops up to the right of the layer title. If this icon does not appear, that layer does not support feature sets.
  3. Select the Edits tab and hit the Create button to create a new feature set.

Once created you can bind a feature set to any workspace you create. Binding a feature set imports its features into the workspace where they can be edited like any other workspace feature. To bind a feature set to a workspace, select the Bind option in the workspace menu. A workspace can only be bound to a single feature set, and cannot be re-bound.

When you are satisfied with your edits to a particular workspace, you can commit. Committing will update the feature set to which the workspace is bound. If you have added features, they will be added to the feature set. If you have edited or deleted features that originally came from the feature set, they will be updated or removed from the feature set as well. You can commit multiple times during the lifetime of a workspace.

You can initialize feature sets with existing data sets that you may have, contact SCALGO for details. The video below demonstrates how to create and modify feature sets.

Demonstration of feature set creation and deletion. We also demonstrate how to add and modify segments in a feature set by binding it to a workspace.