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Notes on the Denmark/2015 model

Quick Facts DHM/2015

Cell Size40x40 cm
Coordinate SystemETRS89 / UTM 32N
Vertical ReferenceDVR90
Flight Years2014–2015

At the end of 2015, the Danish Geodata Agency released a new Danish elevation model. The 2015 model has a horizontal resolution of 0.4 meters, much higher than the previous model from 2007 where the resolution was 1.6 meters. This model is available in SCALGO Live under the name Denmark/2015. There are a couple different variants of the model available.

Denmark/2015/Buildings: This is the raw model enriched with building footprints from the national GeoDanmark dataset. For each GeoDanmark building footprint we raise the elevation of the cells whose center is inside the building 10 m relative to the highest elevation value of the original Denmark/2015 model.

The 2015 model with GeoDanmark building footprints.

Denmark/2015/Rain and Denmark/2015/Sea: Both of these models are derived from the Denmark/2015/Buildings model and include the set of hydrological corrections put out by the Danish Geodata Agency (DHM/Hydrologiske tilpasninger). The Denmark/2015/Rain model includes the corrections made for modeling water flowing downstream on the terrain (e.g. water from rain events) while the Denmark/2015/Sea model is targeted for modeling flooding coming from the sea (the chief difference between the two being the opening or closing of sluices and similar infrastructure in the model).

A hydrological correction cutting through a bridge in the Denmark/2015/Building model.